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Market Research

Comprehensive market research of the Burmese business climate to discover opportunities for your company in Myanmar.

Market Research

Market Research Myanmar provides advisory and growth strategy services for businesses in the manufacturing, logistics, chemicals and energy, agriculture, healthcare, construction, automotive, retail, telecommunications, and financial services industries. Through evidence-based market research, we help you discover your target market and craft the right stategies to grow in the Burmese market.

Our local experts will support you through actionable insights to enable your company's sustained success. We will support your business in developing the ideal strategies forn sustained growth. We will analyze your current systems and create systems to help you prepare for every challenge, opportunity, and risk that are possible given the nature of your business and the Burmese market.

Market Research Myanmar

Market Research Myanmar also conducts market sizing and trend analysis to support your business activities. Our team assesses your current capacity to determine whether you will achieve growth and success upon entering a new market. Our consultants conduct thorough research of the local economy, the industry and environment, the market size, and local regulations involved when entering new markets.

Whether you are aiming to expand in a new geographical market or looking for additions to your product portfolio, we craft strategies to help decision makers choose whether to pursue the industry or country where you plan to grow your business."

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Other Case Studies

  • business plan for f&b sector

    Five-Year Strategy and Business Plan for F&B Player in Myanmar

    Assessing current product portfolio, distribution network, market demand, and opportunities to quadruple top-line growth for a leading F&B manufacturer in Myanmar.

  • x ray market analysis

    X-Ray Market Analysis and Approach in Myanmar

    Our team evaluated the public and private hospitals, laboratory, and diagnostic chains landscape in Yangon as potential customer targets for the client.

  • automotive spare parts

    Automotive Spare Parts Wholesale Strategy in Myanmar

    Identifying key product and channel focus and structuring the optimal operational set up for successful market entry of a global automotive OEM.

  • hospital market entry feasibility

    Myanmar Hospital Market Entry Feasibility Analysis

    Conducting market entry feasibility analysis for an Asian hospital chain. The analysis was also done on the number of beds required, occupancy rates, ALOS, and recruitment/ incentives to local doctors.

Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

See how we make impacts to our clients through evidence-based insights and strategy recommendations.

Case Studies
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Read Our Insights

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