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About Us

Consultants with a strong presence and in-depth understanding of the Myanmar market

About Us - researchinmyanmar.com
About Us - researchinmyanmar.com

Market Research Myanmar is an Asia-focused B2B consulting firm supporting local conglomerates, multinationals, and government agencies by providing evidence-based strategic advice on the Burmese market. We collect market information and make recommendations based on expert analyses of the country's business environment.

Under YCP Solidiance, our team has broad and deep expertise in Myanmar's agriculture, construction, manufacturing, energy, consumer retail, automotive, healthcare, and financial industries.

Our seasoned consultants are experienced in Myanmar and the emerging Indochina market. They gather market facts from various sources such as customers, suppliers, and intermediaries in the marketplace, and develop actionable insights based on their analyses.

How We Work

How We Work - Customized Myanmar Market Research

Market intelligence, not market data

Market Research Myanmar employs highly experienced management consultants to conduct primary research and executive-level interviews to gather the insights necessary for successful business analysis and strategy development. We do extensive marketplace research and tap into the expertise of industry insiders to provide clients with the intelligence necessary to capitalize on relevant market opportunities in Myanmar.

Deep insights, personalized solutions

Businesses have different needs and capabilities. As such, we start each Myanmar market study with the philosophy that all clients require a customized solution. We do not force our findings into frameworks or strategy templates that were designed to meet the needs of previous companies in other markets. Instead, we carefully craft a unique Myanmar approach to address each client’s specific situation.

How We Work - Myanmar Commercial Insights
How We Work - Recognized and Proven Skills

Global skills, local flavor

Our team is composed of local consultants and seasoned global executives who have the language skills, industry expertise, and cultural understanding necessary to provide our clients with the insights they need. YCP Solidiance maintains the highest standards of quality, timeliness, and confidentiality. Our Singapore headquarters provides a sound base for non-disclosure and legal agreements.

Our Team

  • Naithy Cyriac



    Naithy is our Managing Director based in Yangon, Myanmar. She holds a solid consulting experience across various sectors, including telecom, healthcare, and construction. She's experienced in working extensively with MNCs to explore investment opportunities in Southeast Asia region. Prior to working with YCP Solidiance, Naithy worked as a Senior Associate at another consulting company, where she led different projects, including market entry strategy, investment opportunity analysis, as well as competitive benchmarking. Naithy obtained an MBA from the National University of Singapore and participated in an exchange program at Cornell University, US.

  • Shin Thant



    Shin Thant is our Director based in the Yangon office in Myanmar. He has served various clients in doing market landscape analysis and commercial due diligence across Myanmar and Southeast Asia. Before working with YCP Solidiance, he worked as an audit and advisory associate for a multinational consulting firm, auditing MNCs and NGOs. He has in-depth knowledge in accounting and engineering, and Shin Thant holds his advanced diploma in engineering and accounting. He is also an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants UK (ACCA) member.

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